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We welcome your feedback. This can include complaints, compliments or any general comments.

There are a number of ways you can provide us with your comments:
• By talking to someone in our service or emailing
• By filling in one of our postcards located in reception and in your classroom
• By filling in an online complaints and compliments form 
• By attending one of our in person 'learner feedback hub' sessions which are held throughout the year



What our learners say

  • 95% of our community learners say they would recommend us, the highest satisfaction rating in the country.
    Adult Skills and Community Learning
  • I have used the creative ideas from this term as presents for family and friends.
    Adult learner
  • The whole course was very enjoyable, I really looked forward to my lesson every week.
    Adult learner
  • I would highly recommend the maths and English support class. They've helped me build my confidence and help me understand what the question is asking me and what formula to use. I have progressed thanks to having helpful, supportive tutors.
    Adult learner