Pet Crematorium

About us

We'll provide a dignified cremation service for your adored dog, cat or small animal at our pet crematorium in the picturesque grounds of Cannon Hall.

We know how distressing the loss of a pet can be and promise to treat your pet with care, compassion and respect.

Our service

We'll provide every pet with an individual service; collecting them from your home or a vet if required and returning the ashes to you following their cremation.

Each pet will be carefully cremated on their own, and their ashes prepared personally by our staff in accordance with your wishes.

For more information

Call us on (01226) 206053 (weekdays 8.30am to 4pm) 07895 512089 (weekends 10am to 3pm) or

A fitting place to say goodbye

On arrival at Cannon Hall your pet will be placed in our Farewell Room where you can spend time discussing your requirements and say your last goodbye in private should you wish.

You can request an attended service if you'd like to be present at the cremation.

After cremation

Following the cremation, your pet's ashes will be carefully placed into a casket or urn of your choice.

Your pet's cremation record will be with them at every stage, and you'll receive a certificate of cremation.

You can choose to collect the ashes in person from Cannon Hall, or we can return them to you at home or to your vet.

Memorial area

Our pet crematorium is in a secluded, non-public area at the side of Cannon Hall's walled garden.

There's a special woodland area where you'll be able to remember your pet or place a small memorial.

Please contact us if you'd like more information about our range of urns and memorials.


Many people make arrangements in advance of their pet passing to make sure their exact wishes are carried out.

We suggest you contact your vet directly and use our letter of wishes to express your desire for us to arrange the collection and cremation of your pet when the time comes.


The costs for our pet cremation service vary depending on the type of pet and the service that you choose. All cremations include a scatter tube.

Service Fee
Cremation of rabbit/small pets £75
Cremation of cat £99
Cremation of small dog £160
Cremation of medium dog £183
Cremation of large dog £226
Cremation of extra large dog £323
Wooden casket £35
Collection/delivery £60
Same day cremation £50
Weekend (collection only service) £75

It's important to us that you're reassured by our service, and we'll help you to plan the service as you wish. Please contact us with any questions.


Cannon Hall archway
Tracy And Alfie

What our customers say...

"I needed somewhere special to make the final journey with my dog Alfie. Alfie was a retired police dog who sadly became ill at 12 years old.

I contacted Cannon Hall’s Pet Crematorium after reading good reviews online. The staff at Cannon Hall came to my house and waited in the car until the vets had gone. They showed us respect, dignity, and empathy in what had been a traumatic time for us all.

I dropped Alfie off and said my final goodbye to him in the farewell room. I was so pleased to know that Alfie would be returned to us the same day, and we weren’t without him for long. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s lost their beloved pet.”

Tracy Dyson,
Retired Police Officer