Barnsley JSNA

About the JSNA

The JSNA is structured around our Integrated Care Outcomes Framework (ICOF). The ICOF provides a clear view of our success as an Integrated Care System. In improving the health and wellbeing of our local population and transforming the way the health and care system operates.

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Structure of the JSNA

The details are presented by the ICOF key domains, split into sub categories.

Overarching objectives

1. Improve people's health and wellbeing.
2. Reduce health issues by ensuring improvement is fastest for those with greatest need.

Lifestyle and wider determinants

3. People are supported to lead healthy and productive lifestyles, and are protected from illness.
4. Prevention and the wider determinants of people’s health and wellbeing.

Resilience and emotional wellbeing

4. People feel emotionally well and resilient.
5. People with poor mental health are better supported in the community.

High quality coordinated care

6. People receive services rated as high quality.
7. Hospital admissions are avoided where needed and people spend less time in hospital.
8. There is early help for mental health.
9. People coming to an end of their lives receive the right and effective care.

Improving quality of life

10. People with long-term health and care needs and their carers have a good quality of life.
11. People can manage their own health and maintain independence.
12. People have a positive experience of work and their community.

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