Grass cutting and park maintenance

We're responsible for cutting all areas of grass that are council owned and can provide maintenance and landscaping services to schools, parish councils and businesses.

We maintain most of the grass verges that run alongside the borough's roads and streets and make sure they're safe and free from obstructions. We repair damaged verges where they present a danger to the public.

We don't cut grass that's privately owned and no longer maintain some grassed areas, including bankings and areas of low use where grass cutting isn't necessary.  

How often we cut the grass depends on where you live. We cut the grass in some areas of the borough more often than others, for example grassed areas adjacent to the primary roads into the borough are cut more often than some more remote areas of the borough.

We aim to cut the majority of grassed areas owned by the council within 21 working days.

COVID-19 service update

Grass cutting services across Barnsley are stepping up as the council continues to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

During the pandemic, grass cutting never completely stopped. However, due to staff being redeployed to support other high priority services such as bin collections and fly-tipping clearance, we did have to concentrate on the most safety critical works, such as maintaining visibility at highway junctions. As a result, some areas across Barnsley have yet to receive their first grass cut of the season.

Our grass cutting teams are beginning to resume services and starting to progress the recovery of grass cutting across our communities. The teams are working hard to reach grass cutting standards achieved in previous years. We ask our residents to bear with us as some staff are still redeployed and the length of the grass, in addition to ground conditions due to heavy rain, means it is taking considerably longer to cut.

There’s no need to tell us about grass which needs cutting, we are working to cutting schedules across local areas and will cut all plots as soon as we are able - subject to weather conditions.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Maintaining grass verges in front of your property

If you'd like to maintain or plant in a grass verge outside your property, tell us using our online enquiry form and we'll contact you to discuss.

Park maintenance

We work closely with a number of friends groups to keep our parks and their facilities in good condition so that you can enjoy them. We're responsible for:

  • cutting grassed areas regularly
  • weeding and pruning shrub and flower beds
  • removing litter
  • inspecting play equipment
  • providing and emptying litter bins
  • removing glass and harmful objects like discarded needles

Reporting issues

You can help us look after our parks and open spaces by telling us about any issues using our online forms below.