Local Access Forum

Barnsley's Local Access Forum is an independent statutory body that advises the council and others on ways to improve public rights of way and green spaces in Barnsley.

It's made up of volunteers who meet every two months to discuss public access issues and how to make the countryside more suitable for open-air recreation.

Barnsley Local Access Forum is made up of volunteers who represent both users of public rights of way or access land, and owners and occupiers of access land or land over which public rights of way pass.

Members include:

  • local farmers/tenant farmers
  • cycling groups/clubs
  • walking groups/rambling bodies
  • equestrian bodies
  • naturalists
  • wildlife/agricultural advisory groups
  • motorised vehicle groups
  • disabled users
  • general leisure users

For further information and advice on the Barnsley Local Access Forum, meeting dates or to obtain minutes from previous meetings, please contact our Public Rights of Way team.