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Bikeability – cycle proficiency training

Bikeability is today's cycle proficiency programme. It gives young people the skills and confidence to ride safely, especially on roads.

There are three Bikeability levels. Each are designed to improve cycling skills to meet the new national standards for cycle training.

Bikeability training runs alongside the school calendar. This is from September to July.

You can read more about Bikeability, including how to get your school involved, at Active Barnsley.

Adult cycle training

Adult cycle training services cover three levels. This ranges from basic learn to ride sessions to cycle plus and level 3 training.

  • Learn to ride sessions are held in quiet, private areas. They're suitable for anyone who can't ride a bike. It also helps people who are low in confidence, or has not cycled for a while.

  • Cycle plus provides people the chance to ride in traffic-free environments. This could be parks or cycle tracks. These sessions are the perfect platform for people to build bike control and changing gears. It also includes riding on different gradients.

  • Level 3 training helps build on-road cycling confidence. It takes people out onto busy roads and focusing on route planning. It also helps them deal with traffic lights, dual carriageways and roundabouts.

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