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Crisis communications support


Incidents with pupils, staff, outbreaks of illness, allegations of any nature, or issues with the school building itself can arise at any time. Often media attention can be overwhelming, making a difficult situation harder to manage.

We're able to support the management of crisis communications. We can help you in communicating professionally and appropriately to your pupils, parents, governors and communities.

Our expertise in dealing with the media will ensure your school's reputation is protected and that you deliver a consistent message to the right people.


What we offer

We offer two crisis communications and media liaison packages:

  • Subscription service
    We'll manage communications for you. We offer specialist advice, guidance and support when issues arise.

  • Urgent, priority cases (no subscription)
    We'll respond to unexpected or priority/urgent issues as and when they arise. We'll offer media advice, guidance and support, with services charged by the hour, including out-of-hours emergency support.


Why choose us

  • Experience and expertise
    We're a qualified team of marketing professionals with expertise in a range of areas.

  • Reputation management
    We'll help you to deal with the media and deliver a consistent message.

  • Crisis communications
    We can provide a 24-hour standby service to deal with any issues as they arise.

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