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Educational visits


We offer guidance and support to make sure you're able to comply with your statutory duties for:

  • educational visits
  • outdoor education

We'll help you meet the national standards and provide your pupils with a wide range of high quality outdoor learning.

Our core offer is free to maintained schools. Our prices for academies are available upon application. Fees may apply for training courses.


What we offer

  • Specialist advice, policy and guidelines procedures
  • Risk assessment training and support
  • Access to the Evolve system. This is for online visit notification and approval.
  • Review and approval of category C visits. These include adventure activities, overseas visits and residential visits.
  • 24-hour emergency on-call system
  • Investigation and reporting on accidents/incidents
  • Governor training
  • Online educational visits news
  • Selection and verification of external activity providers
  • Visits and activity monitoring 
  • Management systems review
  • Educational visits co-ordinator
  • Visit leader training/network meetings 
  • Activity-specific outdoor leadership training
  • Outdoor clothing and equipment for loan


Why choose us?

  • Expert guidance and support
    Help to manage off-site visits and outdoor education.

  • Competent, experienced staff
    Including members of the national Outdoor Education Advisers Panel.

  • Safety and risk management specialists
    Engaged in setting standards and good practice.

  • Cost effective, high quality visits and activities
    Provided with local, regional and national organisations.


Our service standards

We'll provide support to make sure you meet the following:

  • Your statutory duties under the:
    • Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
    • Management of Health and Safety Regulations (1999)
    • other relevant legislation

  • Your common law duty of care - to prevent foreseeable harm to pupils, teachers and others.

  • National expectations, benchmarks and standards of good practice
    In safety, risk management.

  • High quality and cost-effective visits, outdoor education and learning

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