Preparing for adulthood

With the right support the majority of children and young people with disabilities or special educational needs can be supported to live independently, continue in education, find work and have a full and active social life. When your child is Year 9, (13-14 years old) we'll work with you to develop a good understanding of what support your child needs to be able to achieve their longer-term goals and ambitions.

Children's transition to adult social care services

If your child has continuing social care needs we'll work with you to plan how adult social services can support them in the future. Your child will need an assessment to find out if they qualify for some help to arrange and pay for those care services when they become an adult. You can read more about an adult social care assessment and what's involved here. 

We also have a short leaflet for you to download about children's transition to adult care services.

Other sources of support 

  • Transition Information Network has a range of useful resources for parents and disabled young people, on things such as activities, housing, employment, money and participation.