Adult Skills and Community Learning

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The Functional English courses are for anyone who wants to grow their English skills. The course helps you to grow your skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and communication.

The course will also help you to gain confidence and a positive attitude to learning. You'll be able to use your new confidence and skills in day to day life and work.

Functional English courses are available at different levels. This is to make sure your class is suited to you and your abilities.

Pre-entry level classes will help you build confidence in using English and provide a springboard to further study.

Entry level classes will help you to build practical, transferable skills. These classes are available at Entry 1, the starting point, through to Entry 3. Achievement can provide the skills for further study at Levels 1 and 2.

Level 1 and 2 qualifications are designed to help you to read, write, speak, listen and communicate in English. You'll be able to apply these skills in the workplace and in other real life situations.

This course will help you to:

Move into further study, support you to gain employment, help you move into better employment where English is an entry requirement. Some learners study this course to help their children with English homework.

You'll also gain the following skills for work:

  • Working as part of a team, sharing ideas and helping others to complete tasks.
  • Having a positive attitude to plan your own work and complete this within a set time.
  • Being a good listener and being able to follow instructions.
  • Being able to adapt the way you work when things change, or if you need to switch to a different task quickly.
  • Being resilient and able to stick with a task, even if things don’t go to plan. To learn from setbacks.
  • Digital skills – using PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • Being reliable – attending your sessions and meeting deadlines.

Course delivery

  • One x 2.5 hour classroom based session per week.
  • Up to one hour of homework each week.
  • Online BKSB resources and assessments for extra study. Regular progress checks.
  • There is an option to attend online if you're studying at Level 1 or 2. You'll need internet access and a device with a webcam, speakers and microphone. You'll also need a level of digital skills that allows you to access and use Teams for Education..


Exams are available at various times during the year. Your tutor will book these for you when you're ready to take these.

Entry requirements

You need to have already had an information, advice and guidance session with us. You also need to have had an assessment on the BKSB software.

The level that you study at will be determined by your initial assessment results.

Course fees

Free for learners who don't hold a GCSE Grade C/Grade 4 or above in English.

How to apply


You'll be able to progress onto a higher level English course up to level 2. Course lengths are tailored to each person's needs, but most learners take one academic year. 

The tutor will complete a final review with you in the last session to discuss the skills you've gained and ways you can progress.

What our learners say

  • I've enjoyed learning about the different English topics.
    Adult learner
  • After I have done my exams I am hoping to get a job on an airline as cabin crew. Working towards level 2 is helping me to achieve this.
    Adult learner