Adult Skills and Community Learning

If you want to work with children, young people or families we have a selection of courses that will help you on your way to a new career.

Take the time to read about the different course areas below to discover what is best for you.

Early years childcare and education

Introduction to Working with Children

This short course is designed as a first step if you're considering a career working with children in an early years setting or in a school. It's ideal if you want to know more about the role of the Early Years Practitioner and Teaching Assistant. It's also helpful if you're undecided which route to take or you need to decide whether a career in the industry is right for you.

Courses Leading to Qualifications

The Level 1 course will develop your basic knowledge of childcare in early years settings. It covers working with children from birth up to 5 years. The course will give you a good insight to working with children and is ideal if you want to know more about working in Early Years settings and caring for children.

An Early Years course at level 2 is designed for people wanting to work or who are already working with children or young people.  Upon successful completion of this course you'll achieve the Level 2 Early Years Practitioner qualification which meets the Department for Education’s (DfE) criteria to enter the workforce as an Early Years Practitioner.

It may be that you'd like to work with babies or young children, at home as a childminder or nanny, in a children’s centre, in a nursery or reception class attached to a school or in other early years settings where children are cared for. If any of these roles appeal to you then these are the courses you need to consider taking.

Children and Young People’s Workforce staff work or volunteer with children, young people and their families, or are responsible for their progress all the time as part of their jobs. Our courses cover the skills and knowledge required for a wide range of job roles from assistants to managers.

What our learners say

  • I think the tutor was very supportive and helpful, she made the course enjoyable and explained anything if we were struggling.
    Early years course adult learner
  • I chose adult skills because I wanted to better myself and it was flexible for me. This let me complete this course around my family and work.
    Early years course adult learner