Landlord Information

Information that Landlords may need about Housing Benefit is available here

Want fast access to payment information?

You can access details of any of your tenant's benefit payments made direct to you, online using the 'My Account' link above.

Reporting changes

Please report any changes in your tenants circumstances to us straight away. To find out more please see Housing Benefit change in circumstances.

What information can we share with you?

Where payments are made direct to your tenant, we are unable to discuss their claim with you unless they have provided explicit consent for us to do so and we have a record of this.

Your tenant can give us permission to discuss the progress of their claim with you on their application or by completing the Declaration to disclose information to landlord form.

Where payments are made direct to a landlord, we can share some information without the tenant's consent. The information we can discuss with you under these circumstances is:

  • Details about payments that have been made or will be made to you.
  • The period a payment relates to.
  • Details about any overpayment we ask you to repay.

Payment of Housing Benefit

To work out your tenant's Housing Benefit we will look at the money they have coming in, the capital or savings they have, and their circumstances, such as their age, the size of their family, and property they are living in. To find out more please see  New claims for Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance.

Under Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules your tenant's Housing Benefit will normally be paid direct to them. However, if your tenant feels that they are unable to manage their finances or they are unlikely to pay their rent, they can make a request for their Housing Benefit to be paid directly to you under our Safeguards Policy.

We can also pay benefit direct to you if you help the tenant secure a new tenancy, or keep their current one, by charging a reduced rent that the tenant can afford. The rent must be at or near the LHA rate and the tenant must demonstrate that they can afford any shortfall. Further details can be found within the Safeguards Policy.

Your tenant or someone acting on their behalf can make the request by completing the form Request for direct payment to landlord.

We have stopped making Housing Benefit payments by cheque from 1 April 2014. We will only make payments by direct credit to a bank/building society account. You will need to provide your account details if a decision is made to make payments direct to you.

As the facility to pay by cheque has been withdrawn we no longer issue the first payment to the landlord from 1 April 2014.

Rent arrears

If your tenant has eight weeks or more rent arrears you can make a request for their Housing Benefit to be paid direct to you. You will need to provide evidence to show the amount of arrears, the period of the arrears and details of any action taken to recover the arrears. You can complete the form 8 weeks in arrears to make this request.

Before taking court action for rent arrears please contact us if you think your tenant may be receiving Housing Benefit. If your tenant is in receipt of Housing Benefit we may be able to make future payments to you to avoid eviction. Please also see Homelessness and Housing Advice.

For any further information, please contact us.

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