More Money in Your Pocket

Taking the time to manage your money better can really help put more money in your pocket. Setting a realistic budget is a great way to help you do this. It gives you a snapshot of the money you've coming in and going out.

There are several sites and tools online that can help you set a budget and manage your finances. If you need some help setting a budget then there are services that can help you, offering free impartial advice.

Check your benefits eligibility

It's vital that you're getting all the help that you're entitled to. You can check if you're getting all of the benefits you're eligible for by using the free benefits calculator on the entitledto or Turn2us websites.

Find out more about the range of benefits on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and GOV.UK websites.

Loan shark support

If you've been approached by a loan shark or if you've borrowed money from one then there are people who can help and keep you safe. Stop Loan Sharks have specially trained staff who'll be able to provide you with emotional and practical support.

Advice and support for budgeting and debt

If you've more money going out than coming in or you're struggling with debt, there is help.  See the advice and support available below.


MoneyHelper provide free and impartial help with money, backed by the government. This includes information and guidance about benefits, budgeting, pensions and debt, and a range of other support.

Get support from MoneyHelper.

Age UK

Age UK Barnsley have trained advisors that can offer free and confidential advice to older people that are struggling financially. You can speak to them on (01226) 776820 or by emailing


DIAL is a local charity supporting disabled people, their families and carers in Barnsley. They give free, confidential advice and support to help local people to live independent lives.

The team are down to earth and non-judgemental. They strive to achieve their vision for a world that's truly inclusive. You can call DIAL on (01226) 240273. You can also email

Citizens Advice

Whatever your problem, wherever you live in Barnsley, Citizens Advice can help.

Ways to contact Barnsley Citizens Advice


StepChange Debt Charity offer free, expert debt advice and money guidance. No matter how large or small your debt problem is, they can help. When you go to them for debt help, they look at your financial situation. They give you expert advice and recommend debt solutions to suit your situation.

They don't share information about you, or tell anyone they’re helping you, unless you let them know that's okay.

Visit the StepChange website for more details.

Childcare Choices

Childcare choices is a website provided by the government that can help you find the support that is available to help with the cost of childcare. This includes information about the different options available and how to apply.

You can take a look at the different help available at Childcare Choices.