More Money in Your Pocket

If you're a Berneslai Homes tenant and are struggling with the cost of living crisis, you can get help and support from their Tenants First service.

About Tenants First

Tenants First is a tenancy and family support hub for tenants. It offers: 

  • family intervention support
  • tenancy support – including help with claiming benefits, accessing services and grants
  • referrals to third party services like Citizens Advice, charities and trusts
  • housing coaches
  • mental health housing-related support for adults and families
  • employment training support - helping tenants to get into training, learning skills and employment. (This is funded through the European Social Fund scheme.)

The service supports tenants with a wide range of tenancy issues. It also offers family support to those who have multiple needs at a complex level.

The support's targeted to your needs, with practical help and advice offered.

Hardship fund

We know the current cost of living crisis is a challenge for all our tenants, especially:

  • people on low income
  • families with children
  • older people
  • people with a disability.

If you’re a Berneslai Homes tenant experiencing severe financial hardship, help is available.

In these challenging times you may be struggling to make ends meet, and finding it hard to pay for essential expenses including your rent or utilities.

Berneslai Homes are able to offer support with your gas and electricity bills with pre-payment vouchers, or help with food and toiletries or help with your rent.