Memorials at the crematorium

We can help you to choose a fitting memorial for your loved one.  Please see our price list for full details of the range of memorials and keepsakes that you can purchase directly from us.  

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is on display every day in the Flower Room at the crematorium and offers a simple and permanent memorial for a loved one.  You can request an entry into the Book of Remembrance at any time, including many years after a person has died, and for people who have had a funeral service elsewhere.  The dates that most people use for inscriptions are either, the date of death, a birthday or a wedding anniversary, but any other special date may be used.

Memorial plaques

We have various memorial plaques available. This is a selection of some of our most popular plaques:

  • Bronze kerb plaques - these plaques are cast in bronze with space for five lines of inscription.  Please select a maximum of 16 letters and spaces for the name line and 20 letters and spaces for the remaining lines. They are placed along the kerbs within the Gardens of Remembrance.
  • Bronze seat plaques - We also have garden benches for you to lease at the crematorium for a memorial plaque.  Alternatively you may wish to have a plaque that you can take home with you to place on a bench in another location. 
  • Marble plaques - These plaques are inlaid with gold leaf and accommodate seven lines of inscription.  Larger marble plaques can include a photo or emblem. You can have a marble plaque placed around the perimeter of a plot where ashes have been interred, or in another place alongside where ashes have been scattered.
  • Planter marble plaques - These marble plaques are placed on the planters in the crematorium grounds. You can choose a planter from those that are available.
  • Crematorium niches on marble columns - for up to two sets of cremated remains with a granite plaque.

You may want to have a plaque placed next to a rosebush or a tree at the crematorium, as a living memorial to a loved one.   You can also have additional plaques placed alongside family members, to create a family memorial. 

We welcome you to visit, and spend some time in our Gardens of Remembrance, to decide where you want a plaque or memorial locating.

All plaques are placed in the crematorium grounds on a leased period. You have the option to renew this lease once it expires. We’ll write to let you know when your renewal is due. 

Memorials for you to take home

Memorial urns

We offer a beautiful range of memorial urns that you can purchase from us, to take the cremated remains of a loved one home with you.

We also provide urns for the interment of ashes, either at the crematorium or another site and urns for the scattering of ashes. 

Our urns are available in a variety of different materials to suit your needs and are very competitively priced.  Please note, we charge a handling fee to transfer cremated ashes into an urn that has been purchased elsewhere.  

Miniature memorial books and memorial cards

You can also buy miniature books, or cards, for sending to friends and relatives who can't easily visit the Book of Remembrance.

Inscriptions in the miniature books and cards are to the same high standard as the main book. They have several pages, so that future entries can be added to create a personal family record.

Jewellery and keepsakes

We offer a range of jewellery, heart and star shaped keepsakes for cremated remains.  Families often choose these memorials for babies and children.  

Contact us

Please contact us with any questions you have about our memorials.  We have a brochure with photographs of our range of products that we can talk through with you.

You can:

  • contact us at
  • call (01226) 206053. Lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm (excluding bank and public holidays)