Improving your setting

We want to make sure all children access high quality early years provision.

According to research, children who do are well placed to achieve better outcomes in school and beyond, and develop better social, emotional and cognitive abilities necessary for lifelong learning.

Delivering high quality care

We can help your early years setting deliver high quality care by:

  • offering business set up advice for all new group providers and childminders
  • giving support, advice and guidance on quality improvement processes
  • providing challenge and targeted support for settings
  • capturing and sharing best practice across all settings
  • working with your workforce to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, thereby contributing to their professional development
  • supporting all practitioners in developing their practice
  • championing the role of parents in their children’s learning

If you're setting up an early years setting, want to become a childminder, or would like support to improve the quality of the care you provide, email

Improving the quality of learning and development

We provide support, guidance and challenge by:

  • strengthening leadership for learning and development (focusing on the key role of leaders in building capacity and ensuring quality learning, development and provision)
  • developing practitioner learning (focusing on the needs and highlighting/developing strengths of practitioners who support and extend children's learning and development)
  • facilitating partnerships for learning and development (focusing on working in partnership with parents/carers, children, other settings and partner professionals to support children's learning and development)
  • supporting progress, learning and development (focusing on using observations to assess and understand children's learning and development, both in the home and the setting, and translating observations of children at play into an assessment of each child's progress to help support them further)
  • securing high quality environments for learning and development (focusing on the enabling environment - including the physical and emotional environment - which promotes children's wellbeing, nurtures children and fosters positive relationships between children, parents and adults, and where children are valued for their uniqueness and individuality)  

Quality Improvement Programme (QIP)

The programme is an ongoing cycle of reflection and self-evaluation that helps you identify areas for improvement or further development, as well as helping you recognise areas of good practice. It's focused on achieving higher quality through commitment, reflection and teamwork.

By adopting the programme, we believe it's possible to achieve better outcomes for children and families by supporting:

  • the role of effective leadership in securing and improving quality
  • a continuous cycle of self evaluation, reflection and improvement
  • a system of support and challenge which is transparent and agreed by all
  • strong partnerships between the local authority, settings and each setting's community

The programme isn't a quality assurance scheme; you'll not receive a quality status award or accreditation; it's a programme that supports all settings in Barnsley that have a commitment to continually improve the quality of their childcare provision.

The programme represents a significant milestone in our aim of high aspirations for the children and families of Barnsley. It provides the support required for implementing continuous improvement in line with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) together with the Ofsted Self Evaluation Framework (SEF).

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