Barnsley Virtual School

What is a Virtual School?

A Virtual School isn't an actual school building with it's own pupils. It's the name for the group of professionals who are involved in supporting and providing education for Barnsley's children in care.

Children in care attend various schools across the borough. The Virtual School works with those schools to make sure our children in care get a first class education. Together. They provide all the support they need to help them do well at school, as well as develop socially, and become confident, independent adults.

If you're in, or have been in care, are a foster carer, parent, carer or professional, then this is a great place to start if you're looking for information.

Our aims

If you're in care, we'll do our best to make sure that you:

  • thrive in a high quality school that best matches your needs
  • achieve your potential
  • have good school attendance
  • secure a pathway into post-16 education
  • develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning

Our responsibilities

If you're in care, or leaving care, we're responsible for:

  • raising your attainment
  • raising your aspirations
  • making sure there's people there to support you
  • making people aware of the impact that early trauma and attachment difficulties can have on your learning.

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Information for children in care

All children need some support to help them do well at school. If you're in care, you might need a little extra support to help bring out the best in you.

Find information for children in care

Information for designated teachers

Designated teachers promote the education of all children in care. They're responsible for making sure children get the support they need to get the best out of their time at school.

Find information for designated teachers

Information for foster carers

It's important that you play an active role in the education of the children in your care and build positive relationships with their school.

Find information for foster carers

Information for social workers

Social workers work with other professionals to make sure children in care are safe and well cared for, and that they get the education and healthcare they need.

Find information for social workers

Information for parents and carers of previously looked after children

We want to support you and your child with their education, helping them to make the most of their studies and succeed at school.  

Find information for parents and carers

70 strategies supporting young people

Read our resilience-based toolkit to help looked after and previously looked after children and young people succeed in schools and education settings. 

Read our 70 strategies
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