Barnsley Virtual School

The role of the Virtual School

As corporate parents, we've got high aspirations for the children in our care, and for our care leavers.

Like any good parent, we want the best for them, to see them flourish with good health, to be safe and happy, to do well at school, to develop socially. and to become confident, independent adults.

We know, from national data, that children in care can have significant gaps in their learning, and that their educational performance isn't as good as their peers.  This may be because of experiences or trauma in their early childhood, before coming into care.

The educational success of our children in care is a top priority for the Virtual School. We monitor their attendance, attainment and achievement, and remove any barriers to their learning.

Our aims

If you're in care, we'll do our best to make sure that you:

  • thrive in a high quality school that best matches your needs
  • achieve your potential
  • have good school attendance
  • secure a pathway into post-16 education
  • develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning

Our responsibilities

If you're in care, or leaving care, we're responsible for:

  • raising your attainment
  • raising your aspirations
  • making sure those who support you know how important education and lifelong learning are
  • making people aware of the impact that early trauma and attachment difficulties can have on your education
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