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A Termly Personal Education Plan(TPEP) is a document that captures the attainment, progress and educational needs of a child in care.

It identifies how additional funding, from the personal premium grant, will be spent to support positive outcomes for children in care and remove any barriers to their learning.  

What each child's plan includes:

  • Identified educational needs, both short and longer term. 

  • Identified social and emotional developmental needs, including any related to attachment.

  • SMART short-term targets, those things the child is expected to be able to achieve by the end of the term.

  • SMART longer-term plans for educational targets and aspirations.

  • Identified actions, with timescales, for specific individuals. These support the achievement of agreed targets and use of any additional resources (like the pupil premium) specifically designated to support the attainment of looked after children.

  • Highlights access to effective intervention strategies and how this will make/has made a difference to achievement levels.
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