Children in care and care leavers

What we'll do

We will:

  • help you to live in a safe place, where you’ll be cared for
  • only move you if we have to
  • help you to keep things that are important to you
  • listen to you when you have any concerns
  • find you a loving home as quickly as possible, that can and will last until you're ready to leave care

We recognise that you need love in the care system, including displays of positive affection. We also recognise that instability and loss of continuity in your lives is made worse though no fault of yours but by the pressures in the care system.

Before you move to a new home, you'll have a chance to meet your new carers and see your new home - unless you have to move in an emergency.

Where you'll live

If you live in Barnsley and you come into care, we'll do our best to find you a placement in Barnsley. This means you'll continue to live in the place you're familiar with and go to the school you already go to.

Most Barnsley children are placed with Barnsley foster carers. We only place children outside Barnsley in exceptional circumstances.

Your care plans

When you first come into our care we'll make a care plan and a placement plan for you. We have to do this within 10 days of you coming into care. You'll be involved in writing your care plan and so will your parents and your social worker.

Once you're happy with the plans, we'll ask you to sign them.

Your placement plan

Your placement plan is an agreement between you, your carers, your social worker and usually your parents. It covers things like where you'll go to school, how you'll get there, where and how you'll be able to meet with family and friends, as well as other details about your day-to-day living arrangements.

Your placement plan is part of your overall care plan, which details all the arrangements to be made for looking after you while you are in our care. Both your placement plan and care plan are regularly reviewed as circumstances change, and you'll be involved in planning for and making any changes.

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