Children in care and care leavers

We promise

  • to make sure you have a place at a good school that's local to where you live, unless it's agreed that there's a more suitable school to meet your needs.

  • to make sure you know who the designated teacher for children in care is and that they take an active role in supporting you.

  • to make sure you have an up-to-date Personal Education Plan, reviewed at least once a year with your contribution.

  • to have high aspirations about your ability to succeed and if you need help to catch up with school work we'll make sure this is available, ensuring Pupil Premium Grant is used to support your achievement.

  • to make sure that three and four year olds receive early years learning opportunities.

  • to encourage and help your parents to actively support your education, by attending relevant meetings and providing a suitable place to do homework.

  • to make sure that, if you're a school aged child, you have access to a computer where you live.

  • to try our best to make sure you don't have to change school unless it's part of your care plan, and never changing your school during years 10 and 11 unless there's a very good welfare reason for doing so.

  • to try to make sure you don't miss school to attend appointments with the people supporting you.

  • to work with you and your carer to make sure you attend school regularly.

  • to celebrate and promote your achievements.

Virtual School

Our Virtual School works with your own school to support the education of children and young people in care.

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