Children in care and care leavers

Why we might take your child into care

We'll only consider taking your child into care if we believe they're at risk of significant harm. It's usually as a last resort, if we've explored all our options, and our efforts to keep you together as a family have failed.

When we take a child into care we become their corporate parents; we become responsible for looking after them. We'll make sure they live in a safe home, stay healthy, have a good education, retain their identity, are prepared for the future, and are involved in all aspects of their care.

Keeping in contact with your child

If your child's in care we know that staying in touch with them and having a positive relationship with their family is really important, both for you and your child. We have a duty to promote contact between you and your child and other relatives and friends, even if your child came into care under a court order.

Contact can be by letter, phone, face-to-face, and can include overnight stays, providing it's safe for your child. Arrangements for contact will be included in your child's care plan.

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Taking care of your child - our promises to them

We make a special pledge to all children who come into care. It's made up of six promises about how we'll look after them and keep them safe and healthy.

We give a copy of the pledge to every child who comes into our care so they know what they can expect from us.


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