How we'll support you

Being a foster carer for Barnsley, you're always part of a team, who are committed to making sure you have all the help you need.  

When you're fostering with us, we'll help you with:

  • an expert social worker to help you through the process of applying to become a foster carer. They'll give you training and throughout your fostering career. Your social worker will visit you at home to support you in your role and complete your training plan with you.  They'll be on hand to offer advice and sort out any problems you have. We also have an emergency out of hours service. This can be used if you need help at evenings, weekends or on bank holidays. 

  • a mentor, who will be an experienced foster carer to provide support when you first start fostering.

  • a 24 hour help on the phone, if your social worker isn't available. There will always be someone to respond to any queries or concerns you have.

  • a fostering handbook, full of details about your role. There's also regular newsletters. 

  • free membership of the National Fostering Network, so you can receive newsletters, advice and information.

  • free membership of the Association of Barnsley Foster Carers. This is a local and independent group of foster carers approved by us. The group meets monthly and offers support and assistance to foster carers in the borough. They also arrange regular activities for foster families. They work with us on any issues raised by their members.

  • access to support services such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). If the child you're fostering is receiving support or therapy you'll also be able to get advice and guidance from these additional services. 

  • planning for young people to leave your care when they move into adulthood.

What our foster carers say

"The fostering team is always on hand to sort out any problems and I get a lot of support through the Barnsley Fostering Group too."