See if you qualify for the bursary

To help us target available funding at the most vulnerable young people, we will assess each application individually and will allocate funding in the priority order given below.

The value of the package of support we offer will depend on your circumstances and the number of applications we receive.  Where we can only meet part of your costs, due to insufficient funding, you or your parents/guardians may have to make up any balance.

Priority group 1

Vulnerable students who:

  • are in care or have recently left care
  • receive Income Support in your own name; or
  • are disabled and receive both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance in your own name.

Evidence you need to provide
You need to send us documentation to prove that you fall within one of the above categories, which could include:

  • a letter confirming your benefit entitlement.
  • a letter from the council which confirms that you are, or have recently been, in care. (You can ask your social worker for this or contact BMBC Future Directions Team)

What you receive
If your application is approved, you could receive a bursary up to the value of £1,200.

Priority group 2

All Y12 students who were entitled to receive a free school meal during their Y11 at school or whose household income is below the free school meals threshold of £16,200.

Evidence you need to provide
If you have ticked to say you received free school meals in Year 11, we will carry out an eligibility check through the council’s benefits section, so you might not have to provide any further evidence of your family’s household income.  

What you receive
If your application is approved, you could receive:

  • subsidised transport support
  • support with meals (determined by your attendance)
  • the cost of essential books, materials or equipment required to undertake your course
  • the full cost of essential course trips. 
  • possible support for other non-essential course trips (at the discretion of the council and your provider)
  • the cost of fees to re-sit examinations (in exceptional cases only) and university visits (travel costs only).

Priority group 3

Students whose household income is £21,000 or below. 

Evidence you need to provide
You will be asked to demonstrate why you need financial assistance, and provide documentation which shows evidence of family household income, such as:

  • Tax Credit Award Notification
  • Benefit Entitlement
  • P60
  • Evidence of Self Employment Income.

What you receive
This will vary according to individual need and will be subject to availability of funds after the needs of priority groups 1-2 have been met.

Priority group 4

All students who do not fall into priority groups 1-3, who have an extreme financial problem and a specific, short-term educational or independent living cost which they cannot meet. 

Evidence you need to provide
Appropriate information which shows that your financial problem is extreme and short-term.  Your college will advise you about the types of evidence they will accept from you.

What you receive
Applications for support from students with extreme financial problems will be considered at the council’s discretion. The type of support and financial assistance will vary according to individual need and the availability of funds, but may include:

  • trip costs.
  • materials/books/equipment costs.