Barnsley Education Specialist Support Team (BESST)

We can offer a diverse range of packages, depending on the level of support you need. The more support you buy, the more discount you receive.

We'll work closely with you to work out a package that's suited to the needs of your learners and those of the wider community.

As we continue to develop our traded services model, we're looking to build a loyalty discount into the scheme for those settings who buy in additional services which will reduce costs further.

You can use the pay as you go (PAYG) service when you need to but as this is determined by capacity, it's a less effective form of support.

Ideally, we'd prefer you to commit to buying our services for the next financial year (1 April to 31 March), but you will have the flexibility to buy services during the year if you wish.

You can see an overview of the packages we offer below. We'll meet with you to agree the details.

 ST1 A total of 3 days per financial year (equivalent to one day per term) £849 (daily rate of £283) 
 ST2 A total of 6 days per financial year (equivalent to one day per half-term) £1,680 (daily rate of £280)
 ST3 A total of 19 days per financial year (equivalent to one day per fortnight) £5,282 (daily rate of £278)
 St4 A total of 36 days per financial year (equivalent to one day per week) £9 936 (daily rate of £276)
 PAYG You may wish to ‘pay as you go’ when required. You're strongly advised to plan ahead for anticipated BESST support at a lower cost. A day consists of 6.5 hours £286 daily £44 hourly

 All costs are exempt from VAT


What schools say about us

  • There have been some positive changes to the service ... this has made the service more accessible and greater value for money.
    Barnsley school
  • We always receive an excellent service from the professionals that we work with.
    Barnsley school