Education welfare

Our charges for dedicated education welfare officer time are based on an hourly rate and the number of weeks you need, either in term time or across the whole year.

We review our costs each year and are favourable compared to the cost of the same service in other local councils.

When you buy our services, we'll draw up a service level agreement (SLA) at the beginning of the financial year.

For schools and academies that decide not to buy through an SLA, you can buy education welfare officer time as-required. This is charged by the hour. Take a look at our welfare service brochure.

You can see a breakdown of our buy-back costings below

Buy back charges 2022/23

Term time only (39 weeks) cost per hour £33

Service per week Charge per week Total cost per year (exc VAT) VAT* Total cost per year (inc VAT)
1/2 day per fortnight £61.05 £2380.95 £476.19 £2857.14
½ day £122.10 £4761.90 £952.38 £5714.28
1 day £244.20 £9523.80 £1904.76 £11,428.56
1½ days £366.30 £14,285.70 £2857.14 £17,142.84
2 days £488.40 £19,047.60 £3809.52 £22,857.12
2½ days £610.50 £23,809.50 £4761.90 £28,571.40
3 days  £732.60 £28,571.40 £5714.28 £34,285.68

 *VAT is only applicable to academies

Make a saving

If you buy a minimum of half a day a fortnight of education welfare officer time, your school will receive free Section 175/157 safeguarding training.

This means a saving of £500 for primary and £600 for secondary schools.

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