Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

Our service offer

Our service model has been developed to support the delivery of a fair and equitable service that meets the needs of our most vulnerable children and young people. It supports settings to prioritise children and young people for educational psychologist involvement.

An allocation formula has been used based on data which includes:

  • the number of pupils on role
  • pupils at SEN support
  • pupils with an EHCP
  • pupils who are eligible for free school meals.

The formula is used to inform service planning.

The model prioritises different types of work within a three-tiered system. Work will be agreed through regular planning meetings with the SENCO and can be reviewed at any point. The tiered system enables schools to prioritise our involvement for those children and young people who've been identified through the graduated approach as having the highest level of need in their school.

To have optimal impact on supporting schools and settings to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people with SEND, our support is best targeted through the work delivered within tier 1 and 2 of our service model.

Tier 1 - Building capacity

  • Regular planning meetings with SENCOs to agree priorities for educational psychology work.
  • Centralised training offer. A range of free training packages developed and delivered by us.
  • Emotional literacy support assistants (ELSA) training and ongoing supervision.
  • Action research to inform practice and provision.

Tier 2 - SEN support 

  • Children and young people at SEN support who aren’t making progress within the graduated approach. Particularly for those children and young people for whom an Education Health and Care Need Assessment (EHCNA) request is being considered.
  • Children and young people at SEN support whose SEN is a barrier to attendance.
  • Children and young people who are at risk of exclusion due to having SEN or a possible unmet SEN.

Tier 3 - Statutory SEND

Psychological advice for children and young people in your school/setting:

  • for whom an EHCNA has been agreed.
  • for those identified through annual review where a change in need is identified that requires updated assessment information to inform provision and placement.
  • as needed for tribunal (SEND).


Early years offer

A revised service model has been developed to support fair and equitable access to our service for all early years settings in Barnsley.

We'll be working jointly with the EY area SENCO through consultation surgeries to support settings to build on their graduated approach to further understand and meet the needs of children with special educational needs.

The surgeries will offer the opportunity to jointly problem-solve and reflect through conversations to support settings to meet the needs of their most vulnerable children. SENCOs can access surgeries jointly with parents and carers. The joint SENCO surgeries will be to discuss children whose needs are being supported at SEN support but who aren’t making progress within the graduated approach and for whom settings may be considering submitting an EHC needs assessment request.

See the dates and how to book to attend a surgery.

Training offer

As part of the service level agreements (SLAs) that Barnsley schools/settings/services establish with the team, there will be free access to our centralised training offer. The training packages will be planned and reviewed annually, informed by schools, settings and shared local authority agendas.

You can book training via POD.

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