Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

Children we work with

If a child in your setting displays any of the following behaviours, we can carry out an assessment and recommend a package of support to meet their learning needs:

  • persistently ignores or misunderstands instructions
  • finds it difficult to understand or respond to verbal cues
  • finds it difficult to communicate through spoken language or interactions with peers and adults
  • has difficulty with language-related topics and in understanding new or complex concepts
  • gets frustrated and anxious because of their difficulty to communicate, leading to associated behavioural difficulties and peer relationships
  • has a tendency to rely on peers, observing behaviour and activities to cue into expected responses
  • has a tendency to withdraw from social situations and an increasing passivity and absence of initiative
  • increasingly uses additional strategies to facilitate communication
  • requires additional systems to support all aspects of communication, for example BSL, additional audiological equipment

COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

National Deaf Children's Society are providing information for families with deaf children. It covers things that parents need to be aware of during this time.  


Meet the team

Between us we have a breadth of knowledge and specialist expertise to help you meet the needs of children and young people with hearing impairment.

Our hearing support team are:

  • Toni Harvey - Sensory Lead
  • Leanne Allen - Specialist Advisory Teacher
  • John Barron - Specialist Advisory Teacher
  • Becky Cook - Specialist Advisory Teacher
  • Melissa Collinson - Specialist Support Worker

Our offer

Our hearing support offer includes:

  • initial and ongoing assessment observation (determined by NatSIP)
  • information sharing
  • annual eligibility assessments
  • advice on specialist equipment
  • maintenance of hearing aid equipment
  • vocabulary, listening and language, develop real world knowledge or general knowledge and memory skills development including modelling
  • assessments to support advice to settings
  • specific training on aspects of deafness and hearing loss
  • pre and post tutoring
  • inference and comprehension work
  • advice on learning styles
  • joint planning with staff
  • self-esteem, preparing for adulthood, social inclusion for deaf children and young people
  • support to develop theory of mind and social or emotional understanding
  • personal understanding of deafness programme
  • transition support for deaf children and young people
  • on-going multi-agency liaison around the deaf children and young people with audiology, hearing services, SALT and families
  • environmental audits
  • deaf identity and advocacy

Our packages

Our hearing support packages for teacher involvement include both our core and traded services.

School settings will receive 70% of provision for a child as core, with the setting required to contribute the remaining 30%.

Package Equivalent days of support per financial year Flat daily rate Total cost 30% setting charge
TSENSE1 14 £300 £4,200 £1,260
TSENSE2 7 £300 £2,100 £630
TSENSE3 3.5 £300 £1,050 £315
TSENSE4 2.5 £300 £750 £225
TSENSE5 1 £300 £300 £90
TSENSE6 0.5 £300 £150 £45



Children and young people (0 to 25 years old) are usually referred to the service by a health professional, such as an audiologist, who may already be involved.

Referrals can be made by educational settings, ensuring any medical information about the child’s or young person's hearing is provided, by completing our sensory support consent form and emailing it to us.

When we receive the consent form we'll carry out an initial visit at the setting or family home to discuss the child's needs and possible service offer.

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