Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

Children we work with

If you have children in your setting who are struggling to learn and develop because of a visual impairment, we can provide hands-on strategies, advice and support to help you meet their needs.

We can help you remove barriers to learning for children with SEND to make sure they have the same learning experiences as their peers.

Our offer

Our vision support offer includes:

  • initial and ongoing assessment and observation (determined by NatSIP)
  • annual eligibility assessments
  • advice on specialist equipment
  • information sharing
  • initial environmental audit at transitional periods
  • maintenance of mobility aids
  • planning with class teacher
  • social skills programmes
  • AQA scheme awards
  • staff training
  • braille workshops
  • road awareness training
  • awareness raising training for staff and peers
  • risk assessments
  • advice on Individual Support Plans
  • touch typing and shortcut keys
  • pre post tutoring
  • support in college
  • support in resource provision
  • individual travel training
  • environmental audits
  • low vision aid training
  • support with transition
  • specialist teaching of braille
  • support with access arrangements
  • habilitation training; teaching of cane skills, sighted guide, daily living skills
  • self-advocacy training

Our packages

Our vision support packages includes both our core and traded services.

School settings will receive 70% of provision for a child as core, with the setting required to contribute the remaining 30%.

Package Equivalent days of support per financial year Flat daily rate Total cost 30% setting charge
VSENSE1 40 £300 £12,000 £3,600
VSENSE2 20 £300 £6,000 £1,800
VSENSE3 12 £300 £3,600 £1,080
VSENSE4 7 £300 £2,100 £630
VSENSE5 4.5 £300 £1,350 £405
VSENSE6 3 £300 £900 £270
VSENSE7 1.5 £300 £450 £135