Newsletter and governor development opportunities 2022

Please take advantage of the governor training sessions this academic year, which are designed to make sure that as a governor you're fully equipped with the information that you need to support your school. The sessions aim to make sure that governors feel confident to be able to provide the necessary challenge to the headteacher of the school, and to get the most out of your role. Sessions for the summer term are currently being finalised.

Sessions will be delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams, and we'll also be trialling some sessions in person once more, keeping the cost at £55 per governor per session (unless otherwise stated).

Read our newsletter and development opportunities brochure 2021-22.

More sessions for the summer term 2022 are currently being finalised and will be available soon.

Date Session Time
Tuesday 10 May 2022 Induction - Welcome to Governance (Part 1) 6.30pm to 8pm
Tuesday 17 May 2022 Induction - Welcome to Governance (Part 2) 6.30pm to 8pm
Monday 13 June 2022 Health and safety 6pm to 8pm (virtual)
Wednesday 13 July 2022 Health and safety 6pm to 8pm (Barnsley town hall)

About the sessions

Induction - Welcome to governance!

Highly recommended for all new governors


There has never been a more challenging time to become a school governor as schools and their governing boards are continually having to respond to ongoing and rapidly changing guidance due to the COVID-19 crisis. It is crucial that governors understand their roles and how these support and compliment those of school leaders.

The purpose of this induction session is to ensure that you know and understand your responsibilities as you contribute to the work of your governing board in fulfilling its statutory duties. It aims to provide you with the insights and the confidence to contribute effectively in your first year as a new governor.


Knowing and understanding the core functions of the governing board and the key features of effective governance:

  • the governing board’s accountability to, and relationship with others (eg Ofsted, DFE, LA, Diocese);
  • the governance structure of the organisation, including its constitution and procedures, scheme of delegation and how and where decisions can be made.


All new governors, including for maintained schools and academies (including at local and trust levels).

Health and safety


By the end of the training session governors will have a greater understanding of health and safety legislation, specifically in relation to the roles of the employer/employee, the roles and responsibilities of the governors and that of the headteacher. In addition, governors will have an appreciation of the arrangements the headteacher will have to put in place to manage COVID-19 effectively and keep the staff and children safe within the school.

Aims and objectives

The training and discussion will clarify roles and responsibilities of the school's governing body in relation to the current legal requirements of the management of health and safety. The session will raise awareness of the critical relationships with internal and external bodies and the arrangements needed to be in place and provide an overview of the health and safety implications of both managing COVID-19 and keeping staff and children safe within schools.


All governors

Led by

Jeremy Ward, BMBC Health, Safety and Emergency Resilience Advisor

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