Welcoming Afghanistan refugees to Barnsley

We’re welcoming families from Afghanistan to Barnsley, making sure that they feel supported after such trauma and helping them as they start to build their lives in the UK.

How can we help refugees?  

We’re working out how people can donate and support people. We’ll share this information as soon as it’s ready and thank you for your interest in supporting Afghan families to our borough.

In the meantime, have a look at Migration Yorkshire who are working with councils, partners and communities, for more information on how you can get involved.

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Frequently asked questions

What has happened in Afghanistan? 

After 20 years of war, new leadership is now in place after the country's government collapsed and the Taliban military group took control of the capital city of Kabul. The group captured Kabul on 15 August 2021. It came after foreign forces withdrew from Afghanistan on 31 August 2021. 

Why have people been evacuated?

People have been evacuated from Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul, since the Taliban took over the country by force.

This has led to many people leaving Afghanistan as quickly as possible. The UK has flown people from Kabul's airport to safety. 
The UK government’s top priority is to do all it can to deliver on its obligations to British nationals, and those who have helped the UK, and to get them out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible.

What is government’s support for Afghan citizens?

You can read more about the government’s plans on their website:

Who is Migration Yorkshire? 

Migration Yorkshire provides strategic leadership and local support across the Yorkshire and Humber region. They work with national, regional, and local partners to ensure that the region can deal with, and benefit from, migration. They work with agencies across the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors to help support the delivery of high-quality services to migrants in a way that benefits everyone living in local communities.

What help is available for British armed forces?

As a nation we are proud of the British armed forces and we continue to support them in Barnsley.  

If you or someone you know is struggling because of the recent events in Afghanistan, there is support available. As part of our Armed Forces Covenant agreement there is a range of support from across the council and partners where needed. Find out more about our Armed Forces Covenant.

The government is also offering support for veterans.

Talking to your child about what’s happening in Afghanistan 

If your child is asking about the situation, BBC Newsround offers news around Afghanistan.

No place for hate 

The No Place for Hate campaign champions our borough to be the place of possibilities where nobody faces abuse, online or in their community.

We all need to realise the effect we can have on others when we comment or post online. What might just be seen as a comment or someone showing their frustrations can often cause real harm to others. As a borough that welcomes others, we are asking our communities to support those who need our help at this time and understanding.  

If you or someone you know is experiencing a hate crime you must report it to the police. Find out more about hate and harassment.

Find out more about refugees 

If you'd like to know more about refugees please visit Refugee Action.