Your local area and ward

One of our key priorities is to work with you to build communities that we can all be proud of.

Working together, we can build on what's already been achieved to find new ways of meeting the challenges facing the borough.

We value any contributions that you make in your local area. Whether it's some kind of volunteer work or being involved in decision making, it makes a real difference for people who live there.

Check the Love Volunteering website for information about volunteering opportunities.

Ward alliances

Ward alliances are groups of people who have put themselves forward to help improve the communities they live in. They work with local councillors to determine what the priorities are for the area.

You can apply to be part of a ward alliance if you're already involved with a local group or are active in your community.

Each ward alliance will develop a community plan which helps them to measure their progress in delivering their priorities. Each has a small budget called the Ward Alliance Fund.  

Community groups can apply for ward alliance funding to help with projects that support their priorities.

If you're applying for a grant from the Ward Alliance Fund, you'll need to match the amount with volunteer hours. Read our guidance notes if you want to know more.

Area councils

There are six area councils in Barnsley. Each is made up of the locally elected councillors who support your ward alliances.

They use information that you tell them about where you live to help them set the priorities for your area. They also take into account national sources of information such as the Census.

These priorities make up the area plan. This outlines what needs to happen, how it can be done, who'll do it, and what it might cost. We use the plan to measure whether what's been done has made a difference.

You can ask your local councillor for more information about area councils. If you want to find out first hand, why not go to an area council meeting, or you can read the minutes of the meetings.

Community magazines

You can find out more about what is happening in your local area in our community magazines






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