Support for those affected by a crime

Repairing harm and hearing the voice of the victim

Barnsley Youth Justice Service recognises the power of restorative practice.  This means every child will have the opportunity to repair the harm they caused in some form; with an aspiration that they can engage in direct restorative intervention with the victim(s) of their offending where possible. This service is provided by Remedi on behalf of Barnsley Youth Justice Service.

The voice of the victim

Barnsley Youth Justice Service has a team of victim liaison officers who work directly with victims of crime and provide them with the opportunity to provide an account of the impact of offending upon them, but also the opportunity take part in a restorative intervention with the child(ren) who committed offences against them.

We look to place the voice of the victim in the centre of all our work with children who offend. 

Restorative interventions

Restorative intervention (often referred to as ‘RJ’) enables the child and the victim to engage in a supported process that leads to an intervention to repair the harm caused to the victim by the child.  Please see examples of how direct RJ can lead to very positive outcomes: RJ case studies.

Community Reparation

Most young people we work with undertake ‘reparation’ as part of their intervention. This is a restorative intervention that allows the child to repair harm by completing positive work in their community.  Barnsley Youth Justice Service has an extensive range of opportunities that allow children to repay harm, gained vital skills and experience, and crucially, build a sense of achievement and pride from seeing tangible achievements from hard work.