Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here Scheme

All families should be able to breastfeed their babies in public places without fear of harassment or discrimination. The Equality Act 2010 has specifically clarified that it is unlawful for a business to discriminate against a woman because she is breastfeeding a child.
Can your business or premises provide a welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families?
Why not sign up for the Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here scheme?

The scheme is open to:

  • all health care premises – hospitals, GP practices/surgeries, pharmacists, dentists
  • all Children’s Services – community clinics and children’s centres, schools, nurseries
  • local businesses – cafés, restaurants, hair dressers, shops, libraries and museums
  • any venue that is open to the public

Current members of the scheme in Barnsley are listed on our infant feeding page.

Reasons to join the scheme

By informing your staff about the scheme and encouraging them to be kind and helpful to breastfeeding mothers, you will:

  • make a positive contribution to helping babies get the best start to life
  • boost customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • find business may increase as mothers often visit at a time of day which may be a quiet time for you
  • show that you are dedicated to good customer service and supportive of the local community
  • benefit from publicity on the Barnsley MBC website, social media and by word of mouth recommendations from friends

What does the scheme involve?

Your business and staff agree to:

  • provide a welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families accepting that mums can breastfeed anywhere they choose to
  • prominently display ‘Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here’ signs (provided by the scheme)
  • not ask a mum who is breastfeeding to move or treat them any differently to a mum who chooses to bottle feed
  • make sure existing staff and new employees are made aware of the scheme and know how to be supportive to
    needs of breastfeeding families
  • not promote formula milk companies and their products (further information can be provided if required)
  • wherever possible provide facility for a mum who asks to breastfeed in private
  • be supportive to mums who are returning to work when breastfeeding

Tips for how staff can support a breastfeeding mum

As someone who works in a Breastfeeding Welcome premises you should know how to support a breastfeeding mum:

  • make eye contact with the mum
  • try and help mum find a seat where she feels comfortable
  • if possible offer a glass of water
  • act normal don’t stare
  • don’t get embarrassed

Remember it isn’t just breastfeeding mums who appreciate a friendly smile. Any mum with a new baby would welcome help finding seat especially if her baby is hungry.

Download the information pack for more information, and to apply to be part of the scheme.