Infant feeding

Images Of Six Barnsley Mums Breastfeeding

Breast feeding helps you to give your baby the best possible start in life. Breast milk is tailor-made for your baby and it:

  • contains vitamins and minerals
  • is always available
  • offers protection from certain infections
  • helps improve your baby's long-term health.

Some mums and babies get the hang of breastfeeding straight away. However, some may take a little more time. Here in Barnsley, we have lots of support available.

Breastfeeding groups

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, why not come along to our breastfeeding group? The group is informal, and you can just drop-in, no booking required. Partners and birthing partners are also welcome to attend.

You'll be able to meet an infant feeding support worker and other families to share your thoughts and feelings. It is also a great opportunity to build your confidence in feeding out and about.

Location Day Time
Library @ The Lightbox Every Wednesday 9.30am to 10.30am

Antenatal infant feeding discussions

Barnsley infant feeding team deliver an antenatal infant feeding discussion on a monthly basis. This is held at Library @ The Lightbox. We also offer sessions delivered online via Microsoft teams and in a private group on Facebook.

For further information about these sessions please call (01226) 775700 or message us via our infant feeding team facebook page.

You can also email

You can find further information about feeding your baby on Barnsley Virtual Family Hub.

Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here Scheme

The following venues are members of the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Scheme:

Restaurants, cafes and food places

  • The Allotment Deli, Hoyland
  • The Bolt Hole Café, Wombwell
  • Cafe Creme, Penistone
  • Coffee Boy, The Glassworks, Barnsley
  • Community Hub Cafe, Penistone Leisure Centre
  • Community Shop, Goldthorpe
  • Costa Coffee, Peel Street
  • Crown and Anchor, Barugh Green
  • Dearne Valley Farm, Farmhouse Inns
  • Falco Lounge, the Glass Works
  • Joseph Bramah, Market Hill, Barnsley
  • Kiddi Winx, Goldthorpe
  • Little George, Wombwell
  • Market Kitchen, Barnsley
  • Oak Star Cafe, Experience Barnsley
  • Old George, Market Hill, Barnsley
  • Old Moor Tavern, Broomhill
  • Playmania, Elsecar Heritage Centre
  • Poppy’s Florist and Coffee Lounge, Cudworth
  • Sweet Dreams, Dessert Parlour
  • The Copper Kettle, Thurgoland
  • 200 Degrees Coffee Shop, Barnsley
  • Teepot Cafe, Elsecar

Businesses, shops and organisations

  • 24 Seven Support
  • Baby and Me Do, Penistone
  • Barnsley Civic
  • Barnsley Shopping Centre Ltd (Alhambra)
  • Blue Lights Photography, Barnsley
  • Chatterbox Children's Academy Ltd, Birdwell
  • Direct2mum store
  • Emma Woods Childminding, Darfield
  • Hope House Connects, Barnsley
  • Les Cadeaux, Darton
  • Little Explorers, Blacker Hill
  • Pottering Around, Chapeltown
  • The Glassworks, Barnsley
  • Thurgoland Post Office
  • Round wood Health Clinic Ltd
  • Hannah’s Happy Days Childminding
  • Cawthorne Road Day Nursery
  • Calm Babies, Birdwell
  • Tankersley Community Association
  • Virgin Money
  • Royston Friends Association

Charitable organisations

  • Salvation Army, Goldthorpe
  • Priory Campus, Lundwood
  • RSPB Old Moor, Wombwell

Barnsley Markets and cafes

  • May Day Green
  • Market Kitchen
  • Market Parade
  • Cafes within Barnsley Markets:
    • Freddie and Henry’s
    • Hiltons Cafe
    • Bailey’s Cafe
    • Kay’s Cafe
    • Paul’s Place


  • Elsecar Park
  • Locke Park


  • Cannon Hall
  • Cooper Art Gallery
  • Elsecar Heritage Centre
  • Experience Barnsley
  • Worsbrough Mill

Leisure centres

  • All Barnsley Premier Leisure Centres
  • Penistone Leisure Centre


  • Cudworth
  • Darfield
  • Dodworth
  • Goldthorpe
  • Grimethorpe
  • Hoyland
  • Library @ The Lightbox
  • Mapplewell
  • Penistone
  • Roundhouse
  • Royston
  • Wombwell
  • Worsbrough

NHS premises

  • Barnsley Hospital
  • All GP surgeries
  • All baby clinics in Barnsley


My Dentist in:

  • Barnsley
  • Bolton upon Dearne
  • Lundwood
  • Thurnscoe

Family hubs

  • Athersley
  • Cudworth
  • Darfield
  • Darton
  • Dearne
  • Grimethorpe
  • Hoyland Common
  • Jump
  • Kendray and Worsbrough
  • Lundwood
  • Monk Bretton
  • Penistone
  • Royston
  • Stairfoot
  • Thurnscoe
  • Wilthorpe
  • Wombwell
  • Worsbrough Common

Schools and colleges

  • Bank End Primary School
  • Barnsley College
  • Greenfield Primary School
  • Hunningley Lane Primary School
  • Jump Primary School
  • Tankersley St Peters Primary School

Places of worship

  • St John the Baptist Church, Penistone
  • St Saviour's Church, Thurlstone

Join the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Scheme

We know mums have the legal right to breastfeed anywhere (2010 Equality Act), but many do not feel confident in doing so. Our scheme aims to make it easier for breastfeeding mums to recognise where they will be welcomed to breastfeed their babies whilst out and about. Venues across Barnsley, including cafes, restaurants, libraries and leisure centres are all showing their support to the breastfeeding welcome scheme. 

Could your business or premises be more welcoming for breastfeeding families? Sign up for the Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here Scheme.

Download the information pack to find out more. You can also apply to be part of the scheme.

Reasons to join the scheme

By telling your staff about the scheme and advising them to be kind and helpful to breastfeeding mothers, you'll:

  • be helping babies get the best start to life
  • boost customer happiness and loyalty
  • find business may increase. This is because mothers often visit at a time of day which may be a quiet time for you
  • show that you are committed to good customer service and supportive of the local community
  • benefit from publicity on the Barnsley MBC website and social media. It may also spread by word of mouth from friends

What does the scheme involve?

Your business and staff agree to:

  • provide a welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families accepting that mums can breastfeed anywhere they choose to
  • prominently display ‘Barnsley Breastfeeding Welcome Here’ signs (provided by the scheme)
  • not ask a mum who is breastfeeding to move or treat them any differently to a mum who chooses to bottle feed
  • make sure existing staff and new employees are made aware of the scheme. They should know how to be supportive to needs of breastfeeding families
  • not promote formula milk companies and their products. Further advice can be provided if needed
  • wherever possible provide facility for a mum who asks to breastfeed in private
  • be supportive to mums who are returning to work when breastfeeding

Remember, any mum with a new baby would welcome a friendly smile and help finding a seat especially if her baby is hungry.

Tips for how staff can support a breastfeeding mum

As someone who works in a Breastfeeding Welcome premises you should know how to help a breastfeeding mum:

  • make eye contact with the mum
  • try and help mum find a seat where she feels comfortable
  • if possible offer a glass of water
  • act normal don’t stare
  • don’t get embarrassed

Remember it isn’t just breastfeeding mums who value a friendly smile. Any mum with a new baby would welcome help finding seat especially if her baby is hungry.

Other support