Health and wellbeing

Working better together

Barnsley’s Place Partnership has been established to bring health and wellbeing services across the borough closer together.  To provide the best possible care for our residents, making Barnsley a great place to live.

The partnership is made up of the council, NHS, and voluntary, community and social enterprise services. Healthwatch Barnsley – a group that helps make sure the public’s views are heard – is an independent member of the partnership.

As partners, we're working together to understand the needs of our communities.  To decide what matters most when it comes to health and wellbeing and agree on priorities. By working better together, local people will be able to experience more joined-up services, both now and in the future.

Read the Barnsley Health and Care Plan 2022-23.

Helping you live better in Barnsley

Our improved way of working will help you and your family lead healthier and longer lives.  Giving everyone better access to health and care services.

We want everyone to get the advice they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Also seek early help so that they have the best chance at good health.

We’re working more closely together to meet local people’s needs based on where they live.  Giving you a more accessible and straightforward healthcare service.

As partners, we're working together to develop new ways of delivering care.  Making the best use of new technologies and available treatments.

What we're doing

Making sure everyone can access the care they need

We want to make sure everyone in Barnsley can live and age well. This is why we're committed to making sure everyone can access the support they need, at the right time and in the right place.

We're focusing on how we improve your healthcare.  Creating safe spaces while providing different access points into our mental and physical health services.

Strengthening our approach to preventative care

We want to help you live longer, healthier lives.  Which is why we're putting older people at the heart of our work. To increase the care services in the borough.

We want to help older people stay active and work closely with those who most need our support. Our plans will help us provide emotional and wellbeing care.  Build resilience in our communities and support people dealing with grief.

Providing personalised care for our communities

By joining up our services, we're making sure we can provide care. Making sure it meets the needs of our areas and the people who need our support most.

We're developing new services for people with eating disorders, who are considered frail or are living with dementia. We're also enhancing maternity and early years services.  Reviewing the support we provide for people with special education and disability needs.

Expanding our workforce to meet growing needs

Across Barnsley, we have a wealth of talent within our borough.

Our ambition is to provide new jobs for local people.  Mainly those from deprived areas and those who are not represented enough in our current workforce.

We'll work to make sure training and education is available. To support ongoing career and leadership options for people in Barnsley.

The story so far

We're already seeing many improvements in how local organisations and communities are working better together. This work has already started in the Dearne, and we’ve made great steps forward. Now this improved way of working will be implemented in other areas of Barnsley.

Find out more in our video about integrated care pilot scheme in the Dearne Valley.

How we work

The long-term plan for the NHS is to change the way services are delivered. At a regional level, plans are being shaped by the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System and the Barnsley Place Partnership.

As one of four partnerships in South Yorkshire. The Barnsley Place Partnership will continue to be the engine room for change. They will make improving health outcomes a priority. Tackling health inequalities and delivering high-quality services that are good value for money.

Barnsley has a long history of working with our communities.  This is through our area councils and ward alliances, and we value the benefits of this community focus.

Our front-line staff and the views of local people are at the heart of developing better services for our communities. To support and develop care services across Barnsley, we've established a primary care network which represents our six neighbourhood networks.

What we're working towards

  • An integrated joined-up health and care system where the people of Barnsley experience continuity of care.
  • Patients and their families who are supported and empowered by what feels like one team.  Each delivering their part without duplication.
  • A shift in focus on treating patients with health problems.  Supporting the community to remain healthy in the first instance.
  • Integrated care that delivers the best value for partners and patients.

An example of integrated care

A local GP referred a couple to My Best Life (MBL) due to them having health and wider social concerns. After one of the couple suffered a heart attack, which meant they were unable to maintain their house.  A home visit showed that the couple were living in just one room. The couple fell behind with repayments and bills, and were unable to find steady employment following the heart attack.

What the issues were

  • The couple had debts of almost £40,000.
  • Due to a lack of knowledge of the benefits system. They weren't making any claims for benefits they were eligible for.
  • The couple's home was being repossessed.
  • There was a danger of social isolation due to a lack of friends and family support.
  • They had no access to regular nutritional food.

How services worked together

  • The Dearne integrated wellbeing team discussed the issues.  Adult social care worked with MBL on a housing application for Berneslai Homes. 
  • The Salvation Army delivered weekly food parcels.
  • A referral was sent to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) home visiting team.  This was to support a full benefits review and application.
  • The local GP practice arranged for prescription costs to be covered.

What the outcomes were

  • The couple were placed in suitable housing.
  • A care plan was put in place.
  • Specialist debt support was provided.
  • Benefits and housing forms were completed.
  • Regular food and clothing was provided, as well as furnishing.
  • The DWP complex case team were informed.

What our partners say

  • This exciting development has brought a variety of partners together to provide joined-up services for the benefit of the people of the Dearne. Local people will also be able to have a say on how local services can be improved and we'll make sure the community voice is listened to and acted upon.
    Chair, Healthwatch Barnsley
  • It’s been great to play a small role in relation to the partnership working that's taking place across the Dearne. The drive and enthusiasm of everyone involved has been really positive. I’m really looking forward to seeing this further take shape and develop over the coming months.
    Engagement Manager, NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board
  • The integrated health meetings have enabled me to gain invaluable links with health and social care professionals, which has resulted in better outcomes for members of the community.
    Social Prescribing Advisor - My Best Life Barnsley
  • Partnership working is one of the biggest successes of this project. We're all singing from the same song sheet and in constant contact with each other so we know what each other's doing. Residents will benefit from this approach.
    Dearne Area Council Manager
  • Working in an integrated way isn't about being based in a building or working on a patch together. It's been about how we interact and support each other to improve things for people in the Dearne.
    Deputy District Director, SWYP NHS Foundation Trust

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