Order taxi licensing items

You can order and pay for daily check sheet booklets, vehicle plate holders, and replacement front, rear or internal vehicle plates using our online forms below.

After submitting your order we'll post the items to you. You'll receive these within 10 working days.

Daily check booklets and vehicle plate holders

Daily check booklets

As part of the vehicle licence conditions the driver of a licensed vehicle must make sure it has a daily safety check. You can download and print your own copies of our daily check sheet, or you can buy these from us as a booklet. Booklets cost £3.50 each and contain approximately 100 daily check sheets.

Vehicle plate holders

You can order front or rear plate holders for your vehicle if you haven't got any or if yours have become damaged. Front plate holders cost £7 each and rear plate holders cost £10 each.

Replacement vehicle plates

You can order replacement front, rear or internal vehicle plates if yours have become damaged. You'll need to tell us the vehicle registration number and existing plate number when completing your order. Each plate costs £10.50.

  • Internal plates come with a holder included.

  • If you're ordering a front or rear plate you can tell us if you also need new yellow fastening clips to secure it to its holder. If you do, we'll include these when we post the vehicle plate to you.

  • If you need a front or rear holder for your plate you can order these using our online form above.