Filming and photography in Barnsley

This guidance is for anyone who wants to film and take photographs in and around the borough, including film and media companies and members of the press.

If you're intending to film or take photographs, contact us as soon as possible. We'll be able to advise you what you need to do. We can also tell you if there are any issues with the day you've chosen to film.


You'll need permission to film or take photographs on council or private land in Barnsley. This includes council-owned buildings.

If we need to close a road to allow filming, you may need to pay a fee to do so. You may also need to pay to use our car parks.

We'll need a copy of your public liability insurance.

Filming considerations 

We'll support your project, but you'll be responsible for making sure:

  • there are no cables on the highway
  • you don't cause obstruction on roads and pavements
  • you don't block fire exits or entrances to buildings
  • you've got permission to film any frontage of shops/businesses
  • you keep the number of staff/actors to a minimum at any one time
  • you get permission from the land owner if you're filming on private land

Drone filming guidelines

Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

We’ll only consider requests for drone filming from a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed pilot/company. If a pilot isn't licensed with the CAA, they'll not be insured or have public liability cover and they aren't allowed to work/provide commercial services.

You'll need to provide us your ‘Permissions for Commercial Operation’ certificate and an up-to-date copy of your insurance before we'll give permission.

To find out more, visit the CAA website.

You also need permission to film over council/private land and from the landowners to take off and land the drone on their property.