Key strategies

Our plan

Our Corporate Plan for 2017-20 shows what we aim to achieve over the next three years to improve things for you and your community.

It helps us to be clear about our priorities, how we're going to work to deliver them, and how we can make a difference with the reducing amount of resources available to us. The plan is based on the council's new vision - working together for a brighter future, a better Barnsley.

Delivering the plan

To help us deliver the priorities in the corporate plan, we have a number of key strategies, listed below, that set out the detail of the work we need to do.  These key strategies are also underpinned by additional supporting strategies and policies.

Strategy/plan What the strategy/plan will help us to do
Asset Management Strategy 2017-2020 To improve how we manage our land and property.  Supporting growth in jobs, housing and regeneration.  Working to make sure there are enough school places and good learning environments for children to learn.  
Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Joint Waste Plan - March 2012 Work with Doncaster and Rotherham councils to improve how we reduce and manage our waste and increase recycling.
Barnsley SEND Strategy 2016-18 Working to improve the delivery of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and helping to improve the lives for children and young people in Barnsley with special educational needs and disabilities. 
Carers Strategy 2017-2020 A strategy for carers by carers.  Helping to support carers as one of our most valuable assets.  
Children and Young People's Plan 2016-19 Work to make sure all Barnsley children and young people are given the best start in life and everyone enjoys a happy healthy life, regardless of who they are and where they live. 
Community Engagement Strategy 2017-2020 Engage with our customers to help us to make decisions on the services that we provide.  Working together with people that live in the borough to create a better Barnsley. 
Customer Service Strategy 2015-18 Be more customer focused and work to understand our customers and what they want. Support customers to do more for themselves.
Employment and Skills Strategy: More and Better Jobs Create more and better jobs in Barnsley and increase people’s skills, training and qualifications.
Energy Strategy 2015-2025 Reduce energy consumption and encourage and support businesses and local communities across the borough to engage and invest in greater energy efficiency and local, low carbon, energy production.
Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2020 Drive integration to improve services, join up care and support people in Barnsley to take control of their health and wellbeing and enjoy happy, healthy and longer lives, in safer and stronger communities, whoever they are and wherever they live.
Health and Care - The Barnsley Plan 2016-2020 To help the people of Barnsley to take control of their health and wellbeing and enjoy happy, healthy and longer lives. 
Housing Strategy 2014-2033 Support the building of new houses and reduce the number of empty homes. Support younger, older and vulnerable people to live independently. 
Improving Education Strategy 2016-18 To improve the education and learning of children, young people and their families.  By improving education it will help with good job prospects, good health and well-being of people in Barnsley to help to create a thriving community.

Jobs and Business Plan 2014-17

Jobs and Business Plan Review

Work to increase the number of businesses in Barnsley and create more jobs.
Placement and Sufficiency Strategy 2016-2019 Make sure that the right children are admitted to care, at the right time, to secure the best possible outcomes for them. Supporting each of them as individuals to achieve their full potential.
Public Health Strategy 2016-18 Work together to tackle the problem of poor health in children, young people and their families across the borough. Give every child in Barnsley the best start in life. 
Safer Barnsley Partnership Plan Make more improvements to ensure people are safe and feel safe in their homes, neighbourhoods and communities.
Transport Strategy 2014-2033 Improve transport links and public transport offered in our area. 

How we'll measure our progress

We’ll ask our customers, community and partners to provide feedback.   

We’ll report progress on a quarterly basis through our Cabinet and publish an annual performance report so you can see what we've achieved so far.