Major incident response and resilience planning

Although large scale emergencies and incidents are rare, it’s important we have plans in place just in case. We work on a regular basis with the emergency services, NHS and voluntary organisations to identify potential incidents and make sure we know how to respond to them.

The main role of our major incident response is to:

  • provide support to emergency services
  • maintain day to day services (where possible)
  • provide short and long term care to those affected
  • deliver assistance across the region, if necessary
  • co-ordinate the response of organisations other than the emergency services, such as the voluntary sector.
  • rehabilitate the community and restore the environment back to normality as quickly as possible.

We're part of the South Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum. This is a partnership of public, private and voluntary organisations in the region.

You can contact us by filling in our online form. Please don't use this form to report an emergency in a Berneslai Homes property. You should instead call their repairs hotline on (01226) 787878. If the repair isn't an emergency you can report it online to Berneslai Homes

Preparing yourself for emergencies

You can prepare yourself and your family by:

  • having a list of important contact numbers
  • making sure everyone knows how to evacuate your home, and having some meeting points
  • checking you know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies
  • learning some basic first aid
  • having a set of emergency provisions in your home

You can find more information on preparing for emergencies on GOV.UK.