Our management team

Our council is structured into five directorates:

  • Adults and Communities
  • Children's services
  • Place
  • Core Services
  • Public Health

Our senior management team (SMT) is led by Sarah Norman, the Chief Executive of Barnsley Council.

SMT is responsible for making sure that policies approved and decisions made by councillors are implemented effectively.

Issues that go to SMT that require a political decision then go onto Cabinet, and where necessary onto a meeting of Full Council.

You can find an overview of our leadership team below:

Chief Executive - Sarah Norman

Adults and Communities – Wendy Lowder (Executive Director)

  • Stronger, Safer and Healthier Communities – Phil Hollingsworth (Service Director
  • Adult Social Care and Health – Julie Chapman (Service Director)

Children’s Services – Mel John-Ross (Executive Director)

  • Education, Early Start and Prevention – Nina Sleight (Service Director)
  • Children’s Social Care and Safeguarding - Deborah Mercer (Service Director)

Core Services - Shokat Lal (Executive Director)

  • Business Improvement, HR and CommunicationMichael Potter (Service Director)
  • Governance and Business Support – Martin McCarthy (Service Director)
  • Financial Services – Neil Copley (Service Director)
  • Legal Services – Garry Kirk (Service Director)
  • Customer, Information and Digital Services – David Robinson (Service Director)

Place – Matt Gladstone (Executive Director)

  • Economic Regeneration and Culture – David Shepherd (Service Director)
  • Environment and Transport – Paul Castle (Service Director)

Public Health – Julia Burrows (Director of Public Health)

  • Public Health – Carrie Abbott (Service Director)

Contact the Chief Executive

You can contact Sarah Norman by emailing sarahnorman@barnsley.gov.uk