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Who are we?

The Barnsley Send Youth Forum (BSYF) is a group of young people aged 11-25 experiencing SEND who represent themselves, their educational settings, youth groups, and peers, they regularly consult with wider youth groups to share experiences and provide opportunities for more young people to have a voice.

The SEND Forum work with Council decision-makers to make sure, young people are included and considered in the processes making sure services for young people reflect their needs.

Together they make a difference!

Join our SEND Youth Forum

We would like more young people to become Barnsley SEND Youth Forum representatives. We want to provide opportunities for all young people with SEND in Barnsley to have their voices heard and get involved in the processes for decision making on matters that affect them.

If you are interested in becoming a representative for your educational setting or youth group and are willing to regularly consult with your peers, email the SEND Youth Forum. We meet every Tuesday 5pm to 6pm.

The Forum has recently worked together with decision-makers to co-produce the Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) Strategy, using their own views and those of other young people and adults experiencing SEND the forum members found key areas for development including:

  • Education and Employment
  • Independent Living
  • Community inclusion
  • Health
  • Choice and Control

Upcoming events

The SEND Youth Forum Want to Know Your Experiences as a SEND young person aged 11-25

We have a range of sessions that you can attend online, for more information If you are interested in becoming a representative for your educational setting or youth group and are willing to regularly consult with your peers, email the SEND Youth Forum.  

  • Health experience - Tuesday 3 August 4pm to 5pm
  • Independent living choice and control experiences - Tuesday 10 August 4pm to 5pm
  • SEND lived experiences and community inclusion - 4pm to 5pm

Send children and young people plan 2020-2022

The Send children and young people’s plan was the first strategy co-produced by children and young people experiencing special educational needs and or disabilities in Barnsley.

Barnsley Send Youth Forum members, engaged with decision-makers for several months during 2019, contributing not only their ideas but those of other children and young people in Barnsley, to co-develop the Children’s and Young People’s SEND plan 2020 to 2022.

Read our SEND children and young peoples plan.

Education, Health and Care Plans annual reviews 2020

Barnsley Send Youth Forums are keen to make positive changes for young people experiencing SEND, they want to improve educational experiences for young people with SEND as a result the forum worked closely with the EHCP team to co-produce the Health & Care Plans; Strategy and procedure for annual reviews was produced and passed in September 2020.

Read our education, health and care plan annual reviews 2020.

Participation and engagement for young people, parents and carers

Send youth forum members worked closely with Key decision-makers to make sure all children and young people experiencing SEND have a voice, opportunities to engage and participate, raise awareness, increase understanding, and influence change through contribution and commitment.

Our young people said: We work really hard with the Youth voice team and decision-makers, to make sure all young people with SEND have a voice, their voices, as well as ours, are now being heard recognised and addressed.

Read our engagement and participation strategy.

Our key priorities  

We would like to improve on:

  1. Educational provisions and staff understanding of SEND, young people would like more staff training and SEND support.
  2. Preparation for Independence, young people would like better opportunities for skill-building and more SEND employment opportunities.  
  3. Health and Wellbeing, young people would like clear pathways and support for diagnosis, with better and faster support for mental health.
  4. Social Activities, young people would like more activities and clubs for young people with SEND.
  5. Transport to be made more accessible.
  6. Accessible community spaces and support to build the skills needed to become independent in the community.
  7. Bullying, young people do not condone Bullying, they want to create a society of inclusion, acceptance and understanding. By raising awareness and tackling all discriminative behaviour.  

Local offer

A local offer gives Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and their Families information about any support and services that may available to them. We want to make sure you have the information you need. 

We want all young people and children to access and give feedback on how we can improve our local offer. SEND Young People may have some amazing ideas about the sort of services they believe should be available on the Local Offer, and what services are needed to support young people move towards independence and adulthood.

Access our local offer.

Additional information

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What the SEND Youth Forum do

Barnsley SEND Youth Forum work with Barnsley Youth Voice and Participation team to promote youth voice, engagement and contribution.

Send youth forum member to consult with their peers and wider youth groups to positively influence change. Forum members work closely with key decision-makers to make sure all young people are involved in the developments of services and matters that affect them.

Hear from our SEND youth forum members

The reason I’m involved in the Send Youth Forum is to get other young people’s voices heard, to ensure young people have the opportunity to speak to service directors, council leaders and our local MPs about issues that matter to young people with SEND needs.

Young people have the right to take action and make a positive contribution to matters that affect them

Because we believe when young people are heard, they feel valued.

SEND Local offer

Find out more about our SEND local offer, find out how to get advice and support, locate things to do in your area and support with education. 

View our local offer

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