Youth Council

Who we are

Barnsley Youth Councillors represent the young people within their schools and campaign on the issues that matter to young people the most. They run drop-in sessions in their areas where you can raise issues and find out more.

The youth councillors are elected every two years in February. Anyone aged 13 and above can stand for election in their school or college. All young people aged 11 to 19 can vote in the election and get involved in campaigns or attend drop-ins.

At the moment, the youth councillors are:

  • Safaa Shreef – MYP, SCR Youth Combined Authority Representative, RECA Representative, Protect the Environment Campaign Lead, COP26 Representative
  • Daniel James – longest standing member of Barnsley Youth Council, SYPTE Representative, Transport Campaign Lead, SCR Youth Combined Authority Representative
  • Dominic Jones - SCR Youth Combined Authority Representative, G7 Youth Representative
  • Parish Trevy - MYP, SCR Youth Combined Authority Representative, Barnsley Youth Council Chair, IOPC, Barnsley Youth IAG Representative, Community Safety and Discrimination Campaign Lead
  • Bobby Medlam – Barnsley Youth Council Vice Chair, Barnsley Youth Council Secretary, Drugs Campaign Lead
  • Morgan Stear – Mental Health Campaign Lead
  • Frankie Donoughy-Roering - Barnsley Youth IAG Representative
  • Mitchell Winter – RYCA Representative
  • Isaac Hall – SYPTE Representative

Where to find us

Please ask a member of staff about getting involved in drop-ins by contacting us online or on our social media pages.

Please leave us some feedback