Renting an allotment

If you want to rent an allotment in your area, fill in the application form. You can either print your application and post it to the address on the form or email it to:

If you want to end your allotment rental, download and fill in the cancellation form and post it to the address on the form or email it to: You'll need a termination code before you submit your cancellation; instructions on how to get one of these are on the form.

How much allotments cost

Allotments cost £82.17 a year if they have a water supply or £40.49 a year if they don't.

Where our allotments are

We have allotments for rent in most areas of the borough. Check the list below to see where they are in your area.

Sites marked with * have a water supply.


  • Brick Terrace, Ardsley* 
  • Burton Bank, off Wakefield Road*
  • California Gardens
  • Dobie Street 
  • Eldon Street North*
  • Frederick Avenue
  • Guest Road
  • Harry Road, Gawber*
  • Highstone Lane, Worsbrough Common*
  • Keresforth Hill
  • Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton*
  • Pindar Oaks*
  • Raley Street  
  • Redbrook
  • Rockingham Street, Smithies*
  • Scar Lane, Ardsley
  • Shaw Lane, Dodworth Road
  • Swanee Road, Kendray*


  • Albert Street*
  • Belle Green*
  • Castle View, Sidcop Road
  • Coalpit Lane*
  • George Street*
  • Moorland Terrace
  • Northfield
  • Pinfold*
  • Robert Street*
  • Royston Road*


  • East Street


  • Hope Street, Mapplewell* 
  • School Street, Darton*


  • Barnburgh Lane North, Goldthorpe
  • Barnburgh Lane South, Goldthorpe* 
  • Carrfield Lane, Bolton-upon-Dearne*
  • Dearne Road, Bolton-upon-Dearne*
  • Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe
  • Furlong Road East, Goldthorpe
  • Furlong Road North, Goldthorpe*
  • Furlong Road South, Goldthorpe
  • George Street, Highgate*
  • Gooseacre, Thurnscoe*
  • Green Lane, Barnburgh
  • King Street, Goldthorpe*
  • Spring Gardens, Bolton-upon-Dearne*
  • Togo, Thurnscoe*
  • Wath Road, Bolton-upon-Dearne*
  • West Avenue, Bolton-upon-Dearne*


  • Castle View
  • Northfield


  • Gray Street, Elsecar
  • Hemingfield
  • Lower Ashgates
  • Millhouse Street*
  • Regent Street
  • Tinker Lane


  • Common Lane*
  • Jubilee Fields*
  • Midland Road 
  • Poplar Terrace*
  • West End Avenue*
  • West End Crescent*


  • John Street*
  • Kings Road*
  • Summer Lane*


  • Daw Croft*
  • East Street
  • Elm House
  • Mitchell Field*
  • Oldfields