Canals and reservoirs


The majority of the remaining canal systems that run through the borough aren't likely to be opened up as a public waterway in the foreseeable future, as large sections have been in-filled or built over.

Where we own land alongside the remnants of the canal system it has been opened up for walking and nature conversation. Some sections have been designated as Natural Heritage Sites for local wildlife due to their biodiversity. There are also coarse fishing sites, Trans Pennine Trail walking and cycling on old towpaths.


We own, manage and maintain two reservoirs in the Barnsley area, these can be found at the following places:

Safety lifebelts

Swimming is not allowed in any of our open waters, and you are responsible for your own safety. The law assumes that the general public will not act recklessly around open water, and will assess risks in public spaces themselves. 

Some of our ponds, lakes, canals and reservoirs have safety belts in place. If there is a problem with a safety belt on land that we own, please report it to us.

We are not responsible for water safety on sites and water bodies that we do not own.