View or comment on planning applications

Planning applications aren't confidential; we publicise them to give interested parties a chance to view and comment on them. We call these comments 'representations'.

We may post notices near to the site where the proposed work will take place or write to those who live along the boundaries of the site. For large scale development proposals we'll also advertise them in the local newspaper.

View planning applications

You can view all planning applications and their supporting documents on Planning Explorer. You can also view planning applications on a map.

Stakeholder comments

We invite relevant stakeholders and interested groups, and statutory and non statutory consultees, to comment on applications. 

Statutory consultees

These are organisations and bodies who must be consulted on relevant planning applications, including the Environment Agency, Natural England, English Heritage and the Highways Agency. Other bodies include local highway and planning authorities, and organisations with very specific interests, such as the Theatres Trust.

If you're a developer it may be useful to contact these bodies for advice before you submit your planning application.

Non-statutory consultees

These are organisations and bodies identified in national planning policy who should be consulted on relevant planning applications. These include some bodies who are also statutory consultees (for example English Heritage and English Nature) and others that aren't, such as the police architectural liaison officers.

How you can comment on planning applications

We can only accept your comments (representations) in writing. You can do this in the following ways:

Make sure you've looked at the application form and plans before making any comments.  Please ensure to use the Planning Application information for your comments to us only and not for any other purpose.

You must provide your name and address with your comments for us to consider them. You should also be aware that we make all comments we receive publicly available, so anyone (including the person who applied for the planning permission) can ask to see or copy the comments.

Please note that ‘in confidence’ and anonymous comments will not be considered, and any comments submitted this way will not be counted as a formal representation.

Your comments will be passed on to the case officer dealing with the application and will be considered as part of the decision-making process. 

It is not possible for us to acknowledge or respond to individual representations directly, therefore please consider any automatic response as your acknowledgement of receipt.

What we'll do 

We'll acknowledge your letter or email and consider your comments. The decision on the application will be published on Planning Explorer when made.

We'll only take into account planning matters, such as the effect of the proposal on the enjoyment of your home or garden, on the appearance of the surrounding area, and on highway safety.

We won't take into account matters such as the effect of the proposal on individual property values, ownership disputes, or issues covered by other legislation.

Contact us if you want an update on the progress of the application or when it will be determined,