About the scheme

Our shop front scheme awarded grants to independent businesses to help them stand out as gems on our high streets.

With a 20% contribution towards the overall cost from the business, we invested up to £4000. This was used for new signage, shutters, windows, doors and canopies. We awarded funding for more than 500 shop fronts across the borough.

This part of our principal towns programme is now complete. We’re no longer taking new applications for this scheme. If you have any enquiries please email


New business start-up grants for Goldthorpe

Grants of up to £5000 are being offered to new businesses opening on Goldthorpe High Street. These are to help people reach their potential and trade to a broader audience with an online presence. 

The funding is available for new businesses that haven't traded before. Applicants must also not directly compete with a business that's already on the high street. This helps to make sure that there's a better variety of shops and services in the area.

The new business must be in the Goldthorpe High Street area. It must also be willing to work with our Launchpad programme to develop a business plan.

Email to find out more about the grants.