Regeneration and investment

We're in partnership with developers and the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA).  We're investing in Barnsley and creating options which will inspire employers in the borough.

Our Jobs and Business Plan aims to create 39,000 jobs and attract 1600 new businesses to Barnsley. We're hoping to have done this by 2033. The plan has five main themes:

  • invest in infrastructure
  • attracting inward investment
  • improving the town centre
  • growing existing businesses
  • encouraging higher productivity start-ups

Regional economic plan

As part of the SYMCA we've secured funding for projects within six priorities:

  • skills, employment and education
  • business growth
  • housing and infrastructure. This is done though the integrated plan
  • transport
  • trade and investment
  • promoting the city region

The SYMCA Strategic Economic Plan aims to deliver 70,000 new private sector jobs and 6000 new businesses over a ten year period.

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