Sport and leisure

Walking is an activity that all the family can do together. It's a great form of exercise and good for your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Here in Barnsley we have a range of fantastic places to walk, from countryside footpaths bordering the Peak District, to multi-user trails such as the Trans Pennine Trail. There are paths through woodlands, parkland, reservoir trails and nature reserves. There's something to suit everyone so just pick a route, or find a group ...

Where to walk

If you're thinking about getting your walking boots on, check out the following websites to find out where you can walk in Barnsley.

All Trails - best trails in Barnsley

The Trans Pennine Trail

You can also follow some of our Miles without Stiles walking routes linked below.

Miles without Stiles walking routes

Miles without Stiles are well-surfaced easy access routes without stiles, steps, or steep gradients. The walks fall into one of three categories:

For all

  • Gradients will be no more than 1:10
  • Surface will be tarmac or compacted stone with a diameter of 1cm or less.
  • Suitable for pushchairs and unassisted wheelchairs

Walking routes suitable for all

For many

  • Gradients will be up to 1:8 on newly built sections.
  • Surface will be stone of 4cm diameter or less. Suitable for assisted wheelchairs and more robust, all-terrain type equipment.

For some

  • Slopes greater than 1:8 will have improved surfacing or handrails.
  • Stone surfacing will be less than 10cm in diameter and steps or breaks less than 10cm in height.
  • Suitable for robust all-terrain type equipment and off-road mobility vehicles.

For more information and copies of other Miles without Stiles / walking leaflets in Barnsley please contact the Public Rights of Way Team on 01226 773555 or email

Walking for health

Walk Well Barnsley is a walking for health scheme which runs a programme of led walks to suit all ages and abilities. All walks are free and people with long-term health conditions are particularly encouraged to join at their own pace.

You can also search for 'walk well' in our Live Well Barnsley directory to find other groups that might be suitable near you.

Find a walking group

There are groups across the borough running regular walks for fun and fitness. These are often organised by community groups or charities. Search for 'walk well' on Live Well Barnsley to find a group near you.