Dog fouling

If you report dog fouling to us we can take action including:

  • patrolling known ‘hot spots’
  • using signs and information to raise awareness
  • issuing fixed penalty fines if we see dog fouling
  • sending an informal letter to the dog owner
  • taking formal action against the dog owner if you’re willing to act as a witness

Be a responsible dog owner

If you don’t clear up after your dog, we can issue you with a fixed penalty notice of £50 or prosecute you in the Magistrates’ Court where you can be fined up to £1000.

Please make sure you worm your dog every six months and don’t walk it where children play.  Dog faeces can cause an infection that could lead to blindness in children.

Report dog fouling

You can report dog fouling using our online form below. You'll need to tell us the location of the dog fouling and the dog owner who's responsible, if you know.

You don't need to provide your own details to make a report, but it would be helpful in case we need more information from you. If you’re willing to provide a witness statement so we can prosecute the dog owner please tell us your contact details.

What we'll do

When we receive your form we’ll respond within five days. 

We’ll use the information you tell us to identify any problem ‘hotspots’ for dog fouling and take action including patrols and publicity in the area. 

If the dog owner has been identified we can send an informal letter, or pursue legal action. 

If we’re taking legal action we may need a witness statement from you.