We can remove graffiti from properties in Barnsley, including council owned buildings, private housing and commercial properties.

Graffiti is easier to remove when it's new, before it's dried. Small areas of graffiti are often added to, so we try to remove it as soon as we can.

To report graffiti, call South Yorkshire Police by on 101. To ask us to remove it, use our online form below.

Before you begin

Please don't use this form to report graffiti on bus shelters.  You should contact South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

You don't have to provide your name and contact details if you're reporting graffiti that isn't on your property, but it would help if we need to contact you for more information.


There're no charge for removing graffiti from council owned properties and private housing.

There may be a charge for removing graffiti from commercial properties, depending on how much work's required.  We'll give you a quote before any work is carried out.